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The China market, exhibiting a strong growth in the last decade, is a vast market with over 1.2 billion consumers. With the implementation of WTO Arrangement, there will be more business opportunities for World SMEs in this market. Dr Charlie Chan, with support from its team, as well as a number of Chinese enterprises and professional service providers in Hong Kong, offers the China Business Advisory Service to help World SME s penetrate the China market.


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The regions beauty market has seen growth of around 15% in recent years, with the tremendous potential for cosmetics, fragrances and other beauty products currently valued at $2 billion. Beauty matters in the Gulf Region are among the highest spenders on fashion and beauty products.


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World Small Business Conference & WASME 17th International Conference for SME's is scheduled to take place at COEX Convention & Exhibition Center, Seoul Korea.

The co-hosting organizations: Small Business Association of Korea, World Association for Small & Medium Enterprises and WASME Korea Federation, have constituted an organizational committee for the preparation of this conference and are carrying out with it actively and enthusiastically. Moreover, this event is being prepared as an outstanding world conference in which the public could enjoy.

The Seoul conference is anticipating more than 2,000 executives from small business association and small & medium enterprises to take part in the event. The members of the Korean small & medium enterprises and small business association and even the public participants are also expected to participate.

This conference will be a great opportunity for Korean executives from small & medium enterprises and small business association to proceed into the world market. Moreover, it will be an opportunity to provide self-confidence and revitalize the members of the small and medium enterprises involved in the globalization of the Korean economic market within the developing international economic market. Also, the executives of small business association will be able to escape from the limits of the ailing Korean market and will be provided with a chance and motivation to thrive into the international market competition.

On the other hand, we contrive to collaborate and seek for world market through the mutual exchange among the members of the Small & Medium Enterprises from diverse countries. From national point of view, we also expect to indirectly enlarge the international political power, economical power, and socio-cultural influences by elevating the position of Republic of Korea and its credibility to the world executives of small & medium enterprises

Finally, it is our firm belief that this will be a successful conference for the world economists to come together as one and harmonize. We hope for your full support and participation.


Chyung, Dai-Chul
WASME International Conference Organizing Committee

I have great pleasure in extending a cordial to you participate in the WASME 17th International Conference on Small and Medium Enterprises to be held in Seoul, Korea, on April 26~29, 2006

Small business is the foundation of the national economy. The promotion of Small industry is a short out to social stability and social welfare. Although it may seem that large enterprises generally employ more workers, the reality is the opposite. True social welfare can only be attained by providing a social structure which will ensure that all people take part in the construction of the welfare state. The greater the middle class is, the more stable the society, the higher the quality of life, and more effective the democracy. We must create a more congenial atmosphere for the founding of small of and medium enterprises and must prepare a better climate for their growth.

In order to promote and foster small and medium enterprises, it is important for the govement to create an appropriate business environment. The govement should positively support SMEs with legal, social, financial, and institutional backup so that they may copy with various difficulties, such as lack of capital, out-of-date technology, shortage of skilled manpower, and inexperienced management. However, the most important is entrepreneurial resolution and creativity. Through people's strong will and belief matched with appropriate government policies, Korea , who suffered miserable devastations by the Korean War, has achieved so-called ‘the miracle of the Han River .'

The Seoul Conference will provide a precious opportunity to share information as well as experience and to enhance international cooperation through high quality presentations and in-depth discussions. I sincerely believe that the Conference will contribute to the development of SMSs in your countries. We will do our best to ensure that your stay in Seoul will be very enjoyable and fruitful.

Dr Charlie Chan
 H.K.SME Development Association
 World Association for SME ( Greater China Branch )
 Asia Pacific SME General Union
 Greater China finance professionals Agents Association
 China-HK Business Development Association
 Greater China retail and wholesales Association
 Greater China Internationalization Association
 World Association for Protection for SME General Union
 If you ever come to Hong Kong, please let me know.

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香港中小企業促進協會,大中華理財產品研究專業協會, 大中華會計及管理服務專業協會.

Globalvest Ltd( 歐洲)

美國China Pipe Fund 




費 用:1000元/人(含培訓費、資料費、午餐費) 


1. 公司資本運作原理,企業境外融資/上市

2. 企業財務管理創新與理財產品管理決策

3. 介紹國內外企業成功融資/境外上市經驗

4. 中小企業國際營商新思路

5. 歐洲金融產品展望

講者 : Jack Russo, President  

Globalvest Ltd( 歐洲)


陳查理博士從事企業經營管理工作20多年,積累了豐富的投資,貿易及管理經驗,取得了驕人的業績。1980年代,他付岌美國,受美國教育,為一個愛國華僑,曾在美國生活及工作,其後回港發展,1989年加第一屆北京大學校外中國經貿文憑課程及組建校友會,於 1990 年於香港組建成立中港貿 協會,以促進中港貿交流為己任,於90年間,曾於國內投資辨廠,及從事貿易生意, 實現了愛國之心。於97年后,從事中港貿易及管理顧問工作,曾任數間誇國企業駐中

國代表,擁有" 多オ多藝,十項全能,商機殺手 ",和良好商業高手形象等等美譽。 陳查理博士是一位科技型企業家,著力推行企業現代化管理,運用高科技對企業進行改造,改進生工藝,提高中小企業產品的科技含量和附加值。先后被委任為香港中小企業促進協會會長,受國內外表彰,贏得了社會的廣泛讚譽,他的品格受到人們的稱讚,為大中華中小企業國內營商導師,被評為〝中小企業商機及營商優秀專家〞稱號。 他重事業,重成就,虛心好學。他站得高,看得遠,能夠從宏觀上提出建設性和預見性的意見,崇尚〝企業惟有益於社會,才有其存在價值〞的理念。幾年來,他教導有關市場經濟和企業管理方面的學生多,桃李滿門,發表有關論文在報刊雜誌上。最近,更致力於協助大中華中小企業營商,及引進 CEPA 零關稅產品。


(會計師 )












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“美黛容妆 羊城绽放”广州赛区启动大典 邀 请 函 您好! 世界美容皇后选美组织是由世界50多个国家美容时尚界知名人士参与联盟组织,为目前国际上唯一最具权威的美容化妆界文化交流机构。其宗旨是利用各国优势建立美容产业全球网络,为美容产业提供支持与稳定策略性推广,加强持续发展全球美容产业的推广成果。本组织推动着美容产业全球化发展,促进全球美容产业的经济文化交流,在美容产业全球化发展中产生推动和主影响力的作用。 世界美容皇后选美组织奠定“国际审美新准则”三大平衡(健康的平衡、形体的平衡、心灵的平衡)、四大标准(健康、美丽、自然、时尚),并将通过“世界美容皇后大赛”传播至全球。 为推动世界美容化妆行业的文化发展,我们于2006年3月25日下午14:30-18:00在广州市广园西路121号美博城首层大厅,倾力举办首届中国美容皇后大赛“美黛容妆 羊城绽放”广州赛区启动大典。届时期望您亲临活动现场! 陳顯龍博士 香港中小企業促進協會會長 世界中小企業聯會 ( 大中華分會) 主席 粵港企業促進會會長 CEPA 零關稅產品引進協會主席 亞太中小企業聯會秘書長 世界美容皇后选美组织有限公司 BQO(THE WORLD BEAUTY QUEEN PAGEANT ORGANISATION INC.) 二〇〇六年三月


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Picture5月11日唱出我們的愛公益慈善晚會 一、晚會場地 1、新光戲院 2、紅色:VIP貴賓票1000元 3、黃色:VIP嘉賓票500元 4、藍色:票300元 5、紫色:票220元 6、綠色:票150元 二、主辦單位 1、中國青少年戲曲藝術基金會 2、世界傑出華人聯合總會   五、廣告:  (1)封面內頁(整版)10,000元  (2)封底(整版)10,000元  (3)封底內頁(整版)8,000元  (4)內頁(整版)3,000元;(1/2版)1,800元;(1/4版)1,000元。 陳顯龍博士 香港中小企业促进协会会长 世界中小企业联会(大中华分会)主席 CEPA 零关税服务及产品引进协会主席 粤港企业促进会会长 大中华融资代理人专业协会会长 亞太中小企業聯會秘书长 世界中小企业权益维护联合总会主席 我的联系方式是 费用方式: 付费 (閱讀全文)